I was in Santa Clara this last week at EclipseCon 2007. I participated, along with several other Jazz component leads, in a demo Wednesday night called “Jazz in Action: Building Jazz with Jazz”. Last year, we demo’d Jazz on a special demo server, this year we demo’d using our self-hosting server – i.e. the Jazz server we use to support our Jazz development (very meta, I know). The demo went well and the attendees seemed to enjoy it; if you wish to hear more, this CRN article describes it fairly well.

Some personal highlights from the week (ordered chronologically):

  • meeting and chatting with James Governor
  • chatting with Ward Cunningham about wikis and other collaborative web technologies
  • meeting a bunch of Jazz teammates face-to-face for the first time
  • that several Jazz colleagues that I hadn’t met before thought I was a little guy because of my IBM photo; (I’m actually 6’2” or 1.88m)
  • meeting folks from the Eclipse side of Dave Thomson’s IBM Eclipse/Jazz organization
  • John and Erich’s talk “From Eclipse to Jazz” on Wednesday afternoon and the Jazz demo Wednesday night
  • getting feedback from several customers who are participating in the Jazz Community Site pilot (reminder: bug reports/enhancement requests are welcome and easy to manage, so please create them liberally)
  • exploring new directions for Jazz visual design and web service architecture
  • the fantastic Italian dinner in Palo Alto with the Jazz dev team

One FYI on upcoming events: Erich will be giving the “From Eclipse to Jazz” talk as a keynote at TheServerSide.com Java Symposium on Wednesday, March 21st in Las Vegas.