As I mentioned on Twitter, as of this week I’ve got a new job of managing the community site. I’ll continue to lead the development on the framework-y pieces of the Jazz Platform web UI stack.

This is going to be a fun job since we’re trying something relatively new with the Jazz Project that we’re calling “Open Commercial Development“. On traditional commercial software projects, there’s a pretty high wall between the development team and everyone else. With the Jazz Platform and the products we’re building on top of it, we want to create a much higher bandwidth channel between the development team and people who use Jazz-based tools and people who build their own tools on top of the Jazz Platform.

So my job is to make it easier for the development team, users, and extenders to collaborate. This of course means good docs and good tools for collaboration, but more than anything, it means getting to know more folks who are interested in learning more about Jazz technology and influencing its direction.

So if you have questions or concerns about, feel free to drop me a line. My work email address is and my cell phone number is 919-564-6862. Please don’t be shy 🙂