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Like last Spring, I am looking for some college students to work with me on a project at IBM. This time though it’s not an Extreme Blue project, it’s a Summer/Fall co-op.

The problem area is this: How can we make development activities (e.g. design and coding), cloud-based infrastructures, and operational activities (e.g. deployment, monitoring) work together seamlessly to allow us to evolve IT and other types of living systems (e.g. buildings) faster and with higher quality?

The ideal candidate is a junior or rising senior undergrad or graduate student in computer science or similar major. Must be extremely passionate about technology, an proficient hacker, and able to make progress without micromanagement/babysitting. Interest in DevOps ideas and Cloud technologies a plus. Interest/knowledge in living ecosystems a plus.

The location is Research Triangle Park, North Carolina from May to December 2012.

If interested, send me an email ( with the word “co-op” somewhere in the subject line. I will provide more details to candidates.

Hi. I normally don’t write directly about something I’m going to be working on because I hate vaporware, but in this case it’s necessary.

I am going to be running an IBM Extreme Blue project this summer where the intent is to build some technology to learn about how we can use Big Data techniques to analyze DevOps data. We will be using the Hadoop family of technologies for the data crunching and REST / Linked Data to help gather the data to be crunched.

It’s a twelve week project, I’ll be mentoring but the students really drive it, and we’ll also be getting a little help from my friends – my Tivoli colleagues Don Cronin and Andrew Trossman (who created some schweet new cloud technology we’ll be using), the Jazz team, Rod Smith and David Sink’s JStart team, and possibly some folks from the Yorktown Research lab.

Speaking of being crunched, we have a compressed schedule to find candidates and we already have some great candidates interviewing, so if you’re interested and you fit the profile below, please feel free to apply.

Here are the details:

  • When: May 23rd to Aug 12 2011
  • Where: Raleigh, NC
  • Requirements: Formal requirements here; my requirement: must be super passionate about technology and building great software
  • Pay etc.: Competitive pay, furnished apartment, travel/relocation, trip to IBM HQ in Armonk for a Big Demo, IBM swag (because you know you want it)

Basically I plan on making it a very intense and fun project. We will all learn a lot and have a lot of fun.

Again, if this sounds good to you and you fit the requirements, please feel free to apply … soon.

PS – I’ve asked the Extreme Blue folks to order Macs for the interns’ computers (if that’s important to you).