Below are links to some other writing I’ve done. Hopefully I’ll write something non-technical at some point. You can also find a large amount of early writing on my old IBM blog.

Popular Blog Entries

Architects (16 March 2014) The role of the architect. How it helps. How it hurts.

RESTy long-ops (27 April 2011) A simple RESTful protocol that supports invoking long-running, possibly composite operations, while providing helpful progress feedback to the user.

Ajax Code Loading Optimization Techniques (26 Oct 2010) A collection of techniques to load JavaScript and CSS code faster; especially useful in bloaty Ajax applications.

Jazz Extensibility Evolution (3 Jan 2010)
On the Jazz Platform’s evolution from an extensible server to a set of discoverable, collaborating applications.

Frameworks and Building Blocks (10 Oct 2008)
Don’t build monolithic frameworks.

The Uncanny Valley of User Interface Design (17 May 2007)
Why it’s sometimes unsettling when an application tries to emulate the user experience of a foreign platform.


What is an enterprise, anyway? (co-authored with Mike Loukides on O’Reilly Radar, 3 Sep 2013)
An attempt to define what constitutes an enterprise led to a much more important insight.

Ajax and REST, Part 2: Meeting the challenges of Ajax software development (IBM developerWorks, 14 Nov 2006)
Development-time concerns of Ajax development.

Ajax and REST, Part 1: Advantages of the Ajax/REST architectural style for immersive Web applications (IBM developerWorks, 2 Oct 2006)
Architectural concerns of Ajax development.